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Brand Service Integration Case study – hospitality – multiple property

When one of the largest hospitality companies in the world was looking to boost their customer satisfaction rating strategically across all of its brands, it turned to Aspire. Aspire developed a 9-brand based revenue management train-the-trainer training program impacting over 6500 properties worldwide.

This program focused on the fundamentals of revenue management and included forecasting, demand capture, effective inventory management, rational/integrated pricing, channel management (website, distribution channels and CRS strategies) along with ways to capture additional market share. This program went from concept to contract to development in 45 days. In addition, all in-house company trainers were trained and certified on this program in 2 days. The company trainers went to 48 cities in 60 days, reaching over 6000 people.

The internal culture program which aspire developed for this client was so instrumental in the brand’s ultimate success and expansion, it is still in place today and part of the onboarding and continued development of team members in every one of its hotels globally, over 16 years later.


  • Portfolio increased in customer satisfaction (JD Power) from #13 to #3 in a two-year period and sustained for 10 years following roll-out
  • Denials decreased 5% across all brands in the year following roll-out
  • Property loading of rates and inventory improved 67%
  • Corporate platform of the fundamentals of revenue management
  • Improved usage of distribution channels available through the brand improved by 22%

Brand Service Integration Case Study – hospitality – single property

When an investor group chose to reposition a San Antonio hotel, they tapped into Aspire’s 25 years of experience in hospitality to help achieve the goal of positioning the property as a top elite US resort. Starting with a capital investment of $150 million dollars, and a 24-month timeline to renovate the property, aspire was hired to operationalize the new brand and elevate the service experience as well as to align the new product, brand and customer experience. The overall deliverable was to evolve the hotel to ‘The Elite Resort of Texas’. Because the client was long known as a leader in company culture (a multiple winner of best place to work in the country), engaging and retaining talented associates was a top priority. To achieve this aim, 700+ associates were paid in full while the hotel was being renovated to stay on and be immersed in the new culture.

As part of the roll-out week, 12 on-site champions were certified, and 150 associates had been through the program. Because the program created an emotional response, as designed, at the completion of each program, individuals began (unprompted) to arrive outside the meeting room to clap, high five and welcome new associates to the team, resulting in up to 120 individuals a day celebrating and living the culture in an organic way.

Four years following roll-out of the culture, the champion team has certified (internally) 12 new coaches and has embedded a ‘cultural champion’ in each operational department. This team meets monthly to report out on gaps and strengths in the culture and sends an ambassador to each daily departmental meeting to ensure the standards and values are alive and well. The programming itself has evolved and now encompasses a full 2-day cultural immersion. Aspire remains engaged as a trusted cultural support and advisor, long after work completion.


  • Associate Management
    • Project Inception: 79%
    • Project Completion: 92%
    • *According to 3rd party survey provider
  • Guest Satisfaction
    • Project Inception: Ranked 28 out of 30 hotels in portfolio*
    • Project Completion: Ranked 5 out of 30 hotels in portfolio*
    • *According to GuestScope* guest satisfaction
  • Service Standards / Sequence of Service
    • Successfully implemented across entire organization within 4 months of project roll-out even as construction on the property continued
  • Associate Turnover
    • Anticipated project total: 40%
    • Actual: -20%
  • Shifted associate mindset from a culture of mediocrity to one of outstanding performance
  • Established hiring and recruitment strategies.
  • Positioning the resort as the employer of choice in San Antonio.

Brand Service Integration Case Study – Senior Living – multiple property

In 2011, this senior living group was a loosely affiliated grouping of 12 individually branded communities with a central office based in the Midwest U.S.

The goal of Aspire’s work was to align all of the properties was 3 fold:
1. Align the 12 communities with a consistent culture that supported the brand promise and overall positioning
2. Build out a service training program that would go into all communities that aligned based service training skills, tied into the brand and culture and defined both the resident and associate experience
3. Integrate “Lao Tzu Way”: teach the leaders and onsite teams to keep the learning alive and ensure a consistent foundation while celebrating and honoring the individuality of each community. This program became not only a successful onboarding and training tool across the enterprise, it helped to develop a bench strength of talent across the organization, leading to the next group of Executive Directors, Administrators and leaders throughout the organization.


  • Overall companywide occupancy grew from 90%-94% over a two-year period
  • Achieved record sales, closes and net operating margin performance year over year over three years
  • Employee engagement (survey results) increased from 64% to 86% in a two-year period
  • 2,800 team members were certified in the first two phases of culture transformation/brand integration through 80 certified coaches, building a community of trainers and culture leaders across the enterprise