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Renie Cavallari

(re-knee cav-a-laurie)

Known as a “dynamo who colors outside the lines and called “the compassionate no bullsh*t coach”, Renie Cavallari is an award-winning organizational anthropologist and is the owner of 4 companies, most notably the founder of Aspire,, a globally  recognized firm which specializes in transformational leadership training that shifts human behavior and strategically improves performance. She is also the founder of the RCI Institute,, an awakening human potential research and leadership optimization firm which also focuses on senior-level executive coaching.

For over 25 years, Renie has worked with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe to help their companies be better at what they do by providing practical action-oriented applications and proven processes to improve performance.

An award-winning international strategist, speaker, and leadership expert with an inimitable grasp of business and its challenges, she has driven measurable results for businesses with her innovative solutions around the world for over 30 years.

Renie is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). named Renie as one of the Top 20 Most Influential Training Professionals. Renie and Aspire have won an International Stevie Award in the “Most Innovative Company” category for the 17th year in a row in 2022, and in 2020 Renie was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

The author of seven books, including the Aspire…series, Renie focuses and passionately believes that the answers live in how we lead and how we inspire others to play “all in.” After decades of research and working hands-on with high-performance organizations to help them unleash the human potential hidden within their employees, she found a predictable, measurable, correlation between leadership alignment and organizational success.

Renie is a Philly girl with a serious wanderlust problem; an aspiring jazz flutist, passionate cook, and the author of her latest book, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential… an Amazon best seller that won the best new business book from the prestigious Hollywood Book Festival Awards.

Popular Keynotes

Leading the Way Forward Speaker | Serial Entrepuerner

Renie is an award winning, globally recognized expert in leadership, transformational performance and innovation in business. She customizes each of her keynotes and integrates relatable and relevant stories and content that align with your key messages. All of Renie’s content is research-based proven IP and original.

“A master storyteller who gives you real tools to rise to your true potential.”

- Peter Thomas
Chairman Emeritus Entrepreneurs Organization
Chairman Urban Communities
Real Estate Developer Four Seasons Troon AZ
Dogtopia Multi-Unit Franchisee US & Canada

Leading the Way Forward

Subject: Leadership Solutions for Today

Leadership has never been a more critical than in today’s demanding world.  With manpower shortages and burnout at an all-time high, as well as the never- ending challenges leaders face today,leaders and their effectiveness at every level of your organization have never played a more important role.

Join Renie as she shares what she has learned from working in the trenches with high-performance leaders as they navigate chaos, progress and the everyday challenges your organization faces. From mastering those taunting negative voices in your head to decreasing stress, while increasing productivity and inspiring your people, she will explore what it takes in today’s new normal to have an aligned, and high performing team.

HeadTrash, the Leading Killer of Human Potential

Subject: The key to improving performance, engagement and emotional health

Join Renie Cavallari, in this fun and engaging talk as she shares the realities of what is going on in that crazy head of yours and its powerful limitations. Based on actively working with tens of thousands of leaders over the past 28 years, and extensive research on shifting human behavior, Renie uncovers the power of those nasty taunting voices in your head that cause doubt, shame, and erode your confidence and leadership effectiveness. They are real and learning how to dump your HeadTrash allows you to awaken your potential and improve the quality of your life not to mention its impact on helping others.  


HeadTrash is not just a personal struggle it is also a leadership one. Everyone leads as leadership is a behavior not a position. Whether it be leading at home or leading teams in the office, understanding how to navigate other people’s HeadTrash is the key to improving relationships, productivity, everything!

HeadTrash is at the heart of burnout and organizational chaos. Learn how to dump your HeadTrash as well as others and awaken your organization’s potential while decreasing turnover and creating an “all in” culture.

HeadTrash. Leadership & Navigating Chaos

Subject: Combination of Leading the Way Forward and HeadTrash speeches

Join Renie as she explores what it takes to be a leader at this critical time as you move out of survival and you position your team effectively into growth mode. From clarity and productivity to dealing with emotions (yours and others) and the COVID hangover, it has never been more critical to understand how to lead with agility, kindness and clarity.

Having worked with thousands of leaders and their greatest challenges, Cavallari, and her companies Aspire (the consulting and execution arm) and the RCI Institute (the research, IP and application arm of Aspire) have identified the top 5 daily musts  to leading the way forward. Renie provides practical real-world, action-oriented application to awakening your potential, along with your team’s performance and impact.

What Coaches do that Changes Performance

Subject: How to transform yourself and your team. Turning on their motivational switch

One of the significant challenges COVID left behind is an environment of reactivity and micro management. For many businesses, during the thros of COVID this was what had to be done but today it is time to shift into creating proactive, compassionate and happy work places.

Join Renie as she shares what key findings are allowing leaders to re-align their organization and shift out of an endless reactive management style into a more proactive and developmental approach to leading.

Sh** I Wish I Knew

Subject: Lessons of leadership, business and being an entrepuerer

Based on the successful book by the same name, Join Renie in this fast-paced, real world conversation around of the lessons she has learned as an entrepuerer, founder of 4 companies, author of 7 books and endless believer in people and their potential