The Leading Killer of Human Potential

“Successful people aren’t necessarily smarter, happier, or more competent. They are simply better at taking out their trash! HeadTrash shapes our reality, sucks our energy, and shifts our focus from self-acceptance and inner peace to worry and fear. Change your HeadTrash, and you’ll change your life.”

In HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential, Aspire & RCI Institute founder Renie Cavallari teaches you how to stop questioning yourself and dump your HeadTrash for less anxiety, bigger potential, and a better quality of life. Filled with practical strategies and heartwarming true stories, this is your inspirational self-improvement guide to master the little taunting negative voices in your mind that turn up your fears, undermine your leadership effectiveness, and weakens your personal power.

This little troop of naysayers scream hostile, self-limiting, self-destructive, judgmental words that slow you down, cause you self-doubt and others and can limit your potential HeadTrash steals your inner strength and sucks your energy. It’s time to dump it!

You’ll discover:

  • How imprints, ego, and lifeline influence your HeadTrash™.
  • Survival tips to quickly pinpoint your emotional state, stay out of the danger zone, and spend more time on the healthy and happy side of your emotional brain.
  • Learn how to identify your BIG LIE, loosen its grip on your emotions and have less stress while improving your mindset and quality of life.
  • Twenty-nine habits to silence the inner voice sabotaging your personal growth and stealing your personal power.
  • Personal, relatable stories of business leaders’ struggle against their HeadTrash to help you embrace your own journey.
  • Learn the 3-steps to managing and dumping your HeadTrash™.

You deserve to build a life full of success, happiness, love and joy – without every challenge weighing you down and wasting your precious time. Dump your trash and empower your potential with HEADTRASH!

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