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Ensure that your sales team has the skills, processes, and mindset they need to convert warm leads into deposits.

Securing sales in senior living requires a persistent, adaptable, professional, and consultative approach – especially in today’s environment. Aspire’s customized onsite and virtual sales training programs are influenced by hundreds of hours of research, proprietary processes that ensure your sales people have the mindset, skills, and processes they need to drive results.

Your team will increase occupancy, shorten the buying timeline and learn to engage potential residents through customizing their pitch, tours and approach. Maximize your previous investment in your lead database and give your conversion a boost!

Reinforce New Revenue-Generating Habits

Support increased conversion with ongoing remote coaching and development.

With your existing call tracking platform and Aspire’s unique mystery shop call approach, sales teams benefit from timely 1:1 coaching that focuses on developing the skills that push the complex senior living sales process forward.

Programs can be customized for any medium (phone, video conferencing, in-person appointments, etc.), any type of community (Life Plan, independent living, assisted living, memory care, entrance fee, rental, etc.) and any audience (full team or individual associate learning).

We also support your market differentiation by developing custom scoring criteria aligned to your community’s brand and sales process, ensuring your unique value proposition is front in center throughout the buyer journey.

Strengthen Your Leadership Muscle

Leaders are the greatest single indicator of future success

Your leadership is not defined in the good times…it’s defined in how you lead through the inevitable storms. Leading in the post-COVID world requires moving from a mindset of scarcity and fear to one of resilience, stabilization and growth.

Aspire’s deeply engaging, inspiring, and innovative leadership programs develop your people into the leaders they were meant to be. Whether your team needs enrichment in self-leadership, leadership of others, performance coaching, executive coaching or team building, Aspire has the unique programming that will inspire widespread confidence your leaders have a plan to lead the way forward.

Your Customer Experience Journey

Walk the walk so you can talk the talk.

The misperceptions about senior living are perhaps worse now than ever before. How can we help others realize your unique ability to keep residents safe, happy, and engaged? Or, the confidence your quality care inspires in their loved ones?

It’s not enough to tell people who you are and what you strand for; your people must demonstrate your brand and its commitment to service and care in everything that they do. We’ll start by creating a custom, choreographed service experience that integrates training, hospitality service skills, brand language, and more. These tangible signature touchpoints can help you challenge negative industry perceptions, improve resident satisfaction scores, reduce error costs, reduce employee turnover, and protect long-term asset value.

Attract Next-Level, Top Talent

The quality individuals in today’s job market will each land somewhere... make sure it’s with you.

It’s official…the greatest talent pool in history is now upon us. Smart senior living organizations are re-tooling, reworking, and rethinking how they present themselves to attract the highest quality, service-oriented talent now available.

Aspire is working hard with employers and potential team members to ensure the best fit and ensure they find, develop, and keep the most valuable asset businesses have in an opportunistic economy… people. We’ll combine our recruitment strategy, performance development planning, and hospitality background with your current talent needs to design a plan that helps you quickly become the employer of choice in your market.

Aspire works with businesses around the globe that serve the greater good and enhance the quality of people’s lives. From hotels and vacation experiences to sr. independent living, convention centers, call centers, tourism boards, beauty, golf  & country clubs, food services and healthcare, our real world experience, hands-on customized approach, research and proven process (IP), ensures our client’s performance improvement, a competitive advantage and transforms both team member and companywide potential.

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    Case Studies

    CASE STUDY 1: Occupancy Decline & Shorten Buying Time

    The Business Challenge
    This organization was faced with a downward trending occupancy rate and a X year buying timeline. They needed immediate sales improvement to: 

    1. Improve the lead to site tour process time
    2. Increase conversion
    3. Increase move-ins
    4. Decrease time from tour to mov
    5. Establish a systemwide approach to sales, site tours, virtual tools and site tour delivery, and accountability by salesperson
    6. Identify and leverage a unique customer lifecycle. Ensuring that each stage in the resident journey fulfilled the brand promise and created the experience to help them stand out in a sea of sameness.


    • Develop a company-wide sales culture
    • Implement sales skills and processes across a 12-community portfolio and corporate sales organization
    • Design and build a unique Customer Lifecycle including sales processes, tools, and training
    • Build and deliver a unique virtual training program integrating customer journey, sales skills, new sales processes, and accountability tools
    • Included: Prospect journey, Buying Environment foundations, and processes to deliver on the five elements of a Transition

    6 months


    • Inquiry to Tour ratio increase of 19% in less than 90 days following rollout
    • Quarter over Quarter Move-in increase of 88% across portfolio
    • Positive Gains represent a 2.9-million-dollar impact to the organization and growing
    • Ongoing Aspire Coaching: The sales organization now has established baselines and KPI’s, as well as the mindset required to drive results, even during a global pandemic, key metrics continued to increase. Giving the organization the best sales results in its history.
    The results speak for themselves. We have hired Aspire for 3 additional projects in the company and our sales training is now an annual must for every Community.

    Laura Schmid
    SVP Sales & Marketing

    Case Study 2: Team Member Turnover

    The Business Challenge
    This organization was faced with an annual turnover of 93% year over year with low job satisfaction level.


    • Build out Job Success Profiles (JSP) for 14 key positions
    • Roll out profiles and train managers on how to utilize the JSP for interviews as well as how to improve performance, productivity and job satisfaction
    • Design and delivery of ‘Selecting Talent for Mindset’ programming
    • Integrate JSP into the newly developed company-wide service culture

    6 months


    • 90% reduction in turnover in the first 90 days following program delivery and JSP rollout
    The fact that we laid the foundation for a strong culture, and our team knew how we wanted to deliver an experience in their day-to-day job was invaluable during COVID. Aspire’s work tied through all our communication and helped our people stick around and feel connected to something bigger than themselves.”

    Mandy Hampton​

    Case Study 3: Strategic Culture Alignment

    The Business Challenge
    This Sr. Living Community (CCRC, non-profit) with 12 affiliated, yet independently brand and recognized communities needed to align their service culture and leverage their outstanding individual brand reputations to improve their systemwide:

    1. Resident experience and journey
    2. Decrease employee turnover
    3. Build leadership bench strength
    4. Improve all team member onboarding and service skill training
    5. Strengthen their brand presence in their individual competitive markets and at a national level


    • Integrated training for various levels of the organization that incorporated and bought to life the brand’s promise, service pillars, vision, mission, and values into service culture learning foundations
    • Identified and trained service values and standards that would be consistent at each Community
    • Identified and designed 4 holiday special programs that would be systemwide celebrations and would anchor their brand and service experience touching the hearts of its residents
    • Facilitated leadership skills training of their Executive Directors and onsite leaders (Directors, Managers, Supervisors) to build systemwide strategic alignment, leadership bench strength and strengthen the organizations inspirational voice
    • Developed a culture & service delivery foundations orientation program for all current and future employees
    • Certified 3 brand service culture champions at each community and the home office (80 total) to ensure ongoing, easy onsite delivery as well as messaging and skill training consistency
    • Provided sales training for all salespeople to ensure they had the skills and messaging that allowed them to drive occupancy and speak to the brand’s new differentiation
    • Designed and managed a 12-month Keeping it Alive™ program
    • Provided ongoing Executive Coaching for all Executive Directors and senior level corporate positions to ensure long term integration

    2 ½ years


    • Overall companywide occupancy grew from 90%-94% over a two-year period
    • Achieved record sales, closes and net operating margin performance year over year over three years
    • Employee engagement (survey results) increased from 64% to 86% in a two-year period
    • 2,800 team members were certified in the first two phases of culture transformation/brand integration through 80 coaches certified by Aspire.
    • Built a community of cultural ambassadors and trainers across the enterprise.
    Best decision I ever made.

    Scott Harrison​