Work… It IS personal.

I find it interesting that somewhere along the way, some clever writer wrote, “work isn’t personal.” From where I sit, work is damn personal!

Our work, regardless of the type of work we do, is like a fingerprint. It has our signature all over it, so helping others perform to their potential is an honor of huge proportions.

In today’s world of never-ending “puking” and negativity, we need leaders who inspire us to play “all in;” who allow us the space to grow; who believe that we have what it takes to be extraordinary and who deliver kindness. We need leaders who have our backs. A coach, mentor, leader or peer that is there to not just help us through the inevitable storms, but also to raise our bar and celebrate our gifts.

The Lesson

Take a look around. Who needs to know that you are there for them and believe in them? Remember the law of the universe… who do you have who appreciates your contributions and is committed to your own development and success?

Now get out there and thank those who believe in you and communicate the message to your team that you believe in them! You won’t believe the impact.

Work. It’s personal. Very personal.

All in,