What’s on Your Mind?

How you speak to yourself is at the root of your mindset, and your mindset determines your actions. Just because you want something doesn’t mean it will be yours. The actions you take or choose not to take are the greatest predictors of having what you truly want.

You feel the way you think. “F” before “T”. Those thoughts determine your actions.

If you aren’t taking the actions you need to take to have what you want or need the problem is with your thoughts.

It all starts with what are the little people in your brain are saying.

The good news… you control your thoughts, so you control the productive actions you take to move towards what you want. Now is the time to shine! 

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About Renie: First and foremost, Renie Cavallari is a mother, sister, daughter, friend and explorer. She is also CEO and Chief Instigator of Aspire, a global culture and training company and the Founder and Lead Explorer of The RCI Institute, an active research and people technology™ lab focused on awakening human potential through its unconventional approach to research, collaboration and innovation. Cavallari is an award-winning international strategist and leadership expert. Known as an organizational anthropologist and innovative change agent, she is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on shifting human behavior to optimize performance. Check out Renie’s 9th book, HeadTrash, the leading killer of human potential at www.myheadtrash.com.