What Humans Need

People, by our inherent nature, need each other. We rejoice in camaraderie. We desire connection. We need to feel a part of something we are proud of, whether it be our work, our family, our friendships, our communities…ourselves. Pride feeds our soul.

Like a herd of buffalo, when we are aligned, we feel powerful. This alignment is not just with others but must also be within ourselves.


These times have caused severe disruption in our ability to connect and to feed our needs. To thrive, we must find our internal leadership strength if we are to ensure our families, organizational teams, and our future dreams come together as we want. We must not think about what we don’t have but what we do and, more importantly, what we will achieve. We must find our new direction and move in that direction with clarity and a drive that focuses on what we are willing to do every day to have what we want.

Nothing can stop a team of people who are fanatically committed to a common goal. Nothing can stop a human with the desire to achieve and shine their inner light for all to see. Now I challenge you to re-read this tip and replace the word “we” with “I.”

Keep shining.

We need your light, Renie

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