What 2020 Taught Us

In early 2020 in celebration of Aspire’s 25th Anniversary, I wrote a book called Sh*t I Wish I Knew, 25 Lessons over 25 Years. When we decided to make it a “limited edition,” we had no idea how profound that decision would be!

In the spirit of reflection, today I write Sh*t I Know about Life in a Pandemic, 26 Lessons in 1 Year!”  

  1. Health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) matters first and most.
  2. Happiness remains the best definition of success.
  3. Mindset continues to be the greatest predictor of success!
  4. HeadTrash, those nasty, negative voices in our head, has always been alive and well, and during a pandemic, it’s a not so silent killer of all that is possible. #dumpheadtrash
  5. The greatest laid plans change. Stay agile.
  6. Our need to be connected remains a basic human need. Give connection generously and receive it openly.
  7. Masks and physical distancing work in slowing the spread of anything contagious.
  8. Proactively saving your money decreases your stress during tough financial times.
  9. Uncertainty equals opportunity. Frugal innovation is everywhere if you dare to look.
  10. Clarity provides focus, and focus leads to productive action.
  11. Productivity allows people to contribute, and this creates pride, enthusiasm, and progress.
  12. Small stuff matters.
  13. Self-care is a daily commitment to our mind, body, and soul.
  14. Tough decisions take courage and should be made as quickly as possible.
  15. The greatest gift you can give another person is reassuring them that they are valued even in the most difficult conversations. Compassion in leadership remains essential.
  16. Gratitude helps you stay in a positive mindset, and this fuels your joy.
  17. It is easier to fire the “pukers and under-performers” when you are up against tough times. Why wait during easier times?
  18. Hanging with the people you love fills your life with more happiness.
  19. When people are afraid, they do and say dumb things.
  20. You can’t imagine how debilitating fear is until you live it.
  21. Denial is dangerous.
  22. Kindness matters.
  23. Leaders need to understand that everyone has HeadTrash and how leaders lead and shine the light on the possibilities ahead reflects how engaged and productive team members are.
  24. Virtual learning and remote working are here to stay. We need to learn how to deliberately build connections, strengthen culture, and create engaging, interactive environments.  
  25. Positivity is a decision we make every day. Be a believer!
  26. Love still concurs all. The love of others. The love in what you do. The love for those you hang with, the love of learning new shit, and to be in love is to be alive. Love remains all there really is.

From all of us at Aspire, we thank you for being a part of our world. We thank you for your collaboration, for your tenacity to raise the bar, for your engagement, and for the love we share.  

We remain all in. With respect and appreciation,

The Aspire Team

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