Toxicity Kills

It doesn’t matter if it is toxins in your physical environment or toxins in your mental environment. This stuff kills!  

Definition: Toxicity, the quality of being poisonous, harmful, or bad. 

I don’t know about you, and I have been in the deadly spin of toxicity more than once as a leader. It’s a lesson I have had to learn and, most importantly, remember… see it, stop it, and move on. 

Maybe you can relate. Someone on the team consistently sprays their toxicity in a passive, or not so passive, way. I rationalized it with “they do such a great job at their work product and deliverables” or “they really can’t help themselves, they’re in a toxic relationship right now and don’t even know it” or “I am sure they can come around.” 

Weeks turn into months, and I ignored the imprints and their chosen mindset. Worse yet, I ignored the impact on others, including me! Little do I know their toxicity affects everyone’s mindset and performance like a toxic mist, all while my team is watching and wondering when I will wake up and realize the impact of the toxicity. When will I lead and demonstrate the respect my team deserves and begin the toxic waste clean-up to our environment.

When I saw the Simon Sinek video below, I was struck by how the Navy Seals, who risk their lives for one another while doing amazingly dynamic work, place trust above performance. It really comes down to what a truly high-performing team needs to stay strong and productive through the inevitable challenges they will face.  

Toxicity quietly eats away at connection, and connection is the building block of trust. The more connection, the more trust. 

Where is the toxicity on your team? How does your team rank on the performance-trust model? Most importantly, what will you choose to do about it?

Check out how Simon Sinek breaks it down. 

Avoid toxic build-up!

Choose to live all in, Renie

If you see strengthening your team’s trust as a priority, take the 6 Pillars of Intentional Leadership Evaluation. 


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