Thrive or Survive DRAFT

Are you tired of all the negativity the world has somehow decided we need to live in? Why does putting others down somehow make people feel better about themselves? Nothing positive ever comes from negativity, yet many find that being in a cesspool of negativity is somehow empowering. It actually is not.

Positivity is just as powerful as negativity, and far more is accomplished when we move from what is right and build on it. Imagine that! What if you started the ripple of positivity in your sphere of influence? It can be as easy as smiling at a stranger or ensuring that those around you know why you respect or appreciate them. Building rapport and connection is like electricity. When you turn it on, it lights people up.

Over the years, I have seen the power of positivity and what it does to productivity. It is not only good for our emotional and physical health. It is a business strategy worth embracing. When people feel valued and appreciated, they work at a different pace. When people feel heard and are not intimidated, they share their ideas, and one of those ideas might just be the next strategy to quantum leap your business.

My experience is that people think positivity is too “kumbaya” and actually, the opposite is true. It is negative energy that slows us down and sucks our energy. It doesn’t happen to some of us. It happens to all of us.

The Lesson: Look for ways to promote positivity.

Live All in, Renie

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About Renie

Renie Cavallari, the CEO of Aspire, RCI Institute, and an organizational anthropologist, has been speaking worldwide to groups from 15 to 5000 for over 25 years. Her dynamic, storytelling approach skips the fluff, and Aspire’s 96% client retention demonstrates her impact. Her expertise is in transforming results through people. She goes way beyond inspiration as her humorous, engaging, and proven performance improvement strategies have been transforming teams for decades. Renie has worked with thousands of leaders, uses real data, real-world situations, and provides practical action-oriented applications to help leaders shine. Renie’s 6th book, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential, is available on Amazon. For exclusive access to member-only resources, go to #DUMPHeadTrash

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For over 25 years, Aspire,, is the execution and consulting arm of the RCI Institute, delivering customized training, leadership development services, and strategic cultural alignment to optimize individual and team performance. Known as a transformational-training company that delivers measurable performance improvement, Aspire develops people at all levels of an organization and has worked with thousands of companies worldwide. Aspire’s work is the incubator to the RCI Institute’s research, real-life practical applications, and modeling. 

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RCI,, is a real-life, practical applications research and learning lab focused on awakening human potential and igniting the human spirit to play all in. It creates research-based proprietary systems and tools around active thinking, People Technology™, and provides executive leadership coaching and certification that maximize leadership development potential.