The COVID Effect & Growing Your Occupancy

COVID has been devastating in many ways, and it has also opened up many opportunities and new ways of living and connecting. Never had a restaurant or city government thought to turn their parking lots or streets into dining experiences. I can’t imagine US car manufacturers sitting in a strategy session at the end of last year and agreeing that they should pivot and make ventilators.  

How we look at everything has changed, and this goes beyond how we operate day-to-day. For most communities, controlling pool activities through registering for specific times would have created a small army of furious residents. I know for myself I have listened to my own mother go from endless complaints about the food at her Sr. Living Community to appreciating every day that her food gets delivered, and how she doesn’t have to deal with the sometimes mean and gossipy world of the “cafeteria” or the grocery store and all the risk associated with it.

Whether you are driving leads or following up on them, your message must be aligned and effective for you to move your potential resident through your sales pipeline. Messaging is one of 5 components of your occupancy growth strategy and success. Messages must:

  1. Be Compelling. Speak to the problems your potential resident is facing.
  2. Consistency of Message. Regardless of the platform, what you are saying must have continuity and lay a foundation of trust. 
  3. Hit at the Heart. Make me care. People buy emotionally and usually for only one of two reasons: pain/fear or pleasure/enjoyment.
  4. Be Succinct. Being clear and concise keeps the other person focused on you and your message.
  5. Create a buying environment. No one wants to be sold! When you are pitching, you want them to imagine themselves in the experiences you offer that matter to them, worries you lift from their world, and the ease they gain while living the quality life you offer.

With uncertainty comes opportunity, and now is the time to think differently about your sales and marketing efforts.


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