Tap into Your Passion

Passion: the combustion of energy, focus, and emotion.

It’s the fuel of life. When we tap into our passion, we are unstoppable. 

We all have passion, though, for some of us, it has gone dormant. Life has twists and turns. It has bumps and potholes, and regardless of how you see life, it is how you experience it. I remember my father saying, “Renie, in life, you have to bring your good time with you!” Ain’t that the truth! 

Even when we are at our lowest point, we can dig in and choose to turn on our passion. It is always available as it is always within us. It’s our inner strength. When we tap into our passion, we ignite our personal power. Bring on the mojo! 

Tapping into your passion is a conscious choice. It starts with a mindset that reflects how you want to experience life each day. Here are a few tips on how to turn on your passion and fulfill your dreams. 

   1. Focus. Establish or review your life goals. It’s what you focus on that comes true. Writing down what you want helps you reflect, commit, and take action. We all know this, and yet we don’t always do it. When I am tracking my exercise, I exercise. When I don’t, I somehow get off track. I recommend thinking deeply and specifically about these five areas:
    a. Health
    b. Relationships
    c. Finance
    d. Spirituality
    e. Career

   2. Self-reflect. It is essential to take time to think and dig into where you are and why. What elements of your life are moving forward? What’s standing still? What’s moving backward? What’s missing? What is taking you away from what you want? Self-reflection allows for clarity around what you will do to move towards what you want. I review my life goals monthly, except when I am finding myself off track, and then I check in on them weekly.

   3. Think carefully about what you will need to go where you want. What do you need to learn? What do you need to do differently? Who can help you? What habits do you need to start, and what habits must you stop? Gain clarity of what you will do and the mindset you will need to get where you want to go. 

   4. Take action. Decide to get the lead out! Just thinking about something doesn’t get you there. Accomplishment takes real effort and grit. You have to be willing to take massive actions. Stay focused on what your efforts will bring into your life. How you think about what you want and what you are willing to do is the most significant predictor of your success. Your thoughts drive your actions. Think Big. 

To have the things you truly want in your life, whether it be a loving relationship, a fabulous career, deep friendships, or just having some fun, you have to go after it with a full commitment. When you have clarity of what you want and the fanatical commitment to do what it takes to have it, you will awaken your passion for your life’s possibilities and your true potential. You were meant to be extraordinary, so get busy!   

Turn on your passion. It’s the only way to live, Renie

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