Is negativity sucking the life out of you?

Our world is full of negativity. It dims the light in people. Think about it… In your life, would you prefer to be around people who generate light and positive energy? Or with those who suck the life and light out of you? And beyond that, which one are you?

As leaders, regardless of our positions, we have to use our power to help people get excited about what is possible—even when it is difficult. We must shine the light, create fanatical engagement, and fuel each other with positivity and hope.

Step up! Find what is right and build a future on it. What’s next? How can you be the kind of leader who brings the most out of people?

Leaders must coach people who are failing or not playing all in. It is the role of the leader to ignite a spirit and energy that gives others a platform to perform. We must take away the obstacles and ask for a commitment to take the work to its next level.

Here are 3 Ways you can turn on your team’s energy and shine the light:

1. Look for ways to connect with one another versus disconnecting. When things are difficult, our instinct is to move away from people—to stop communicating and further disconnect. To be effective, you have to move towards the person and connect. Be the bold and brave leader. Reach out.
2. Ensure you and each of your team members are aligned and working together. Supportive always wins over critical! Celebrate progress… regardless of how small and tie every bit of that progress towards your overall mission and goals so people feel the movement in the right direction.

3.Be a responsible communicator. Don’t sweep things under the rug because the dirt always shows at some point! Not telling people the truth or withholding the truth because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or risk their anger is a lie. And telling others rather than the person who needs to know is the worst kind of disrespect.

The Lesson

Negativity is not a platform for change.
Be the change leader by creating a platform where change is in progress and possible.

All in,