“Friendship often ends in love, and love in friendship never ends. “

Love is a gift in our lives. It makes us sore and breaks our hearts. It is love’s ability that weakens us to our breaking point and its power to lift us beyond the stars that make us catch our breath. No, you are not alone in this feeling of joy and fear that occurs simultaneously.

Love clarifies what matters most in our lives… if we listen. It is the listening that disrupts us. How do we honor who we are while balancing what others may want and need? This is the magical formula of honoring those we love while still honoring our self.

Love requires us not just to give, but also to receive. To be open to being loved. To feel the soft embrace of love.

To love is to let go of our fear, and in return, we find the strength in knowing that someone thinks we are worth that risk. Hold it dearly. Hold it with respect.

Love does not conquer all as the saying goes as we have to conquer life as we want it to unfold. It is love for one’s self that truly conquers the challenges of this life’s journey. It is our love for ourselves that allows us to love another without fear or regret.

We all have to learn that to love deeply is to jump. To risk. To allow the inevitable disappointments. To not deter us from the joy that love brings.

Love is all there is. And it is in love that we find what is best in ourselves and our lives.

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