Love it or leave it!

Leaders who are Shiners think BIG! They know their targets and move towards them. They understand that wanting something is not enough… that you have to have the absolute desire to know where you will go, why you will go there and how your team will arrive. This focus ensures you are always looking and moving forward.

Teams that shine have leaders who shine.

Leaders must:

  • Be fanatically committed to aligning their team
  • Focus on creating progress and urgency towards critical goals. Leaders often have too many goals. It is imperative they look to clarify what matters most and stay that course!

If you don’t feel it, you can’t have it (as in all aspects of life)!

Alignment, focus and the right mental attitude are the formula for creating a high-performance team. When leaders add passion into the mix, they shine and set their teams up to succeed. To have passion, you must love what you do.  There is no other way.


If you aren’t a shiner, odds are the people who work for you (or beside you) won’t be either.

All in,