Lead from Love

It may sound fluffy, and it is not. Love fuels our joy and establishes a space of gratitude. Gratitude feeds our compassion for others. In my opinion, success is best measured not by how much money you make, the car you drive, or the title you have. Success is measured by how much joy you have in your life. 

Be in love. Love your craft. Love those you get to hang with. Love those who raise your bar. Love is all there is.

Here is my leading people recipe:


A poem by Renie Cavallari

People want to know that you believe in them.

Encourage them.

People want to feel they can trust you.

Talk to them.

People want to learn and grow.

Coach them.

People want to know they are important.

Acknowledge them.

People want to see what is possible.

Give them eyes.

People want to know that their contributions matter.

Recognize them.

People want to believe that they are valued.

Tell them how.

People want to feel hope.

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About Renie

Renie Cavallari, the CEO of Aspire, RCI Institute, and an organizational anthropologist, has been speaking worldwide to groups from 15 to 5000 for over 25 years. Her dynamic, storytelling approach skips the fluff, and Aspire’s 96% client retention demonstrates her impact. Her expertise is in transforming results through people. She goes way beyond inspiration as her humorous, engaging, and proven performance improvement strategies have been transforming teams for decades. Renie has worked with thousands of leaders, uses real data, real-world situations, and provides practical action-oriented applications to help leaders shine. Renie’s 6th book, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential, is available on Amazon. For exclusive access to member-only resources, go to www.myheadtrash.com/vip. #DUMPHeadTrash

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