Is HeadTrash™ Running (or Ruining) Your Life?

HeadTrash is the internal chatter of the little voices in your head. It doesn’t take much to get them whispering or even yelling. HeadTrash is created by the nasty, little people who live inside your brain. The chorus of critics who minimize you and convince you that you are not good enough. They are the “perfection people” who lurk in the shadows, waiting for you to fall out of your comfort zone and question you, your abilities and even your relationships.

They take extreme pleasure in getting loud enough to turn up your fears, sometimes paralyzing you from taking action. This little troop of naysayers scream hostile, self-limiting, self-destructive, judgmental words that slow you down, cause you self-doubt, and can limit your potential  

Ultimately HeadTrash steals your personal power and inner strength.

The Lesson: Learning how to manage and dump your HeadTrash is a critical predictor of the quality of your life and your ability to awaken your potential.

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