How to Lead the Way Forward?

Throughout the past 12 months, Aspire ( has worked closely with hundreds of leaders. Many high-performing, and some not able to rise above the chaos of COVID-19. These leaders were across several industries, and approximately 42% found record-level performance. Through our work, we have been able to identify key attributes that high-performing leaders demonstrate. 

Here are our top findings: 

  1. Those who had an optimistic and confident mindset decreased the emotional stress of their teams. These leaders knew how to manage and dump (#DUMPHeadTrash) their own HeadTrash allowing them to stay positive and to listen with compassion. 
  2. 100% of the high-performing leaders were also fanatical learners. They read, listened to podcasts, took MasterClasses, went to learning-oriented events. This allowed them to look at things differently, openly challenge the status quo, and get other leaders to do the same. Frugal innovation became the result of new ideas, and new ways of doing things became the norm. These leaders weren’t interested in what they knew. They were curious about what they didn’t know. 
  3. Agility and the courage to take action. We saw some leaders hope that things would just get better. Leaders who were open saw things differently and were just more agile. They weren’t inclined to do it the same “old way,” and they were willing to take the risk that change requires. 
  4. Clarity creates productive action. When people knew not just what was expected but also thought and prepared more effectively, it had a big impact. It seems logical, yet most people we modeled reacted to chaos without thinking through what matters most and how we do this most productively. When people have clarity, they take productive action, and that action produces results. Results allow people to feel good about their contributions, increasing their sense of self-worth and engagement.
  5. The leaders with the greatest success (which goes beyond the bottom line) consider turnover, NPS, frugal innovation, process improvement, and moved from compassion. They listened more than ever before. They created dialogue and encouraged their leaders to solve team member problems with compassion. For example, these leaders allowed for flexible schedules to help with decreased bus schedules or team members being their children’s teacher to support groups and other approaches that helped others decrease their emotional stress. Compassion communicates gratitude, and gratitude makes us all feel good. 

Live All in, Renie

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