How to Awaken Your Potential

If you know you have more potential and want to take your game to the next level, here are a few findings that Aspire and its sister company, RCI Institute (, a real-life, practical applications research and learning lab, have identified as critical to outstanding performance. 

  1. Understand that your thoughts and your HeadTrash™ are running your show (aka your LIFE!). Your thoughts define how you feel, and together they direct your actions, for better and for worse. If you don’t like how you are showing up or living your life, take a look at your thoughts as they may be tied to beliefs that are not serving you and may also be undermining you unconsciously.
  2. Be a fanatical learner. Learning stimulates your mind and creativity, and this helps you solve challenges and see opportunities more effectively.
  3. Clarity of your focus is key to improving any situation, including work performance and relationships. Clarity allows you to take productive action. Action feeds your sense of contribution and self-worth. This helps you tap into your inner power and strength. In addition, action gives you a sense of control, as taking action is what you can control.
  4. Be aware of your influencers. These include friends, family, teammates, your social media feed, and the list of your life influencers are everywhere. 
  5. People either enhance your life or deplete it. Negativity does not create anything positive. It only perpetuates more negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. Life is way too short to live in that mental space. 
  6. Understand that the quality of your life reflects the questions you ask yourself, especially when you find yourself in difficult situations. If you ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” you will likely get stuck in a negative spin of blame and shame, which will not move you forward towards what you want in your life. If, instead, you ask yourself, “Knowing what I know now, what actions help me get to where I want to go next?” you will have far different and more productive actions towards moving forward. 

The Lesson: Now is the time to lean into your true potential. Need an executive coach? We may be able to help. Reach out to us HERE

Live All in, Renie

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About Renie

Renie Cavallari, the CEO of Aspire & RCI Institute, and an organizational anthropologist, has been speaking around the globe to groups from 15 to 5000 for over 25 years. Her expertise is in transforming results through people. Renie has worked with thousands of leaders and uses real data, real-world situations, and provides practical action-oriented applications to help leaders shine. Renie’s 6th book, HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential, is available February 14, 2021. For pre-sales and special access, go to #DUMPHeadTrash

About RCI Institute

RCI,, is a real-life, practical applications research and learning lab focused on awakening human potential and igniting the human spirit to play all in. It creates research-based proprietary systems and tools around active thinking, People Technology™, and provides executive leadership coaching and certification that maximize leadership development potential

About Aspire

For over 25 years, Aspire,, is the execution and consulting arm of the RCI Institute, delivering customized training, leadership development services, and strategic cultural alignment to optimize individual and team performance. Known as a transformational-training company that delivers measurable performance improvement, Aspire develops people at all levels of an organization and has worked with thousands of companies around the globe.