How Goals Help Decrease Your Stress

Goals Leadership Tip (1)

Goals keep us focused on what we want, and help us define the actions to getting there. They help us focus on what matters most verses the daily challenge of focusing on just want seems to be in front of us or on “fire”. Goals give us a sense of power as they help us decide what is next in our life.

Without goals you are like a ship at sea sailing in any direction the wind might take you. Yes, you will likely get somewhere, and is it where you want to be?

Goals become all the more important when we are feeling stress. You can have daily goals and more long-term strategic goals. Goals should help you create what you want in terms of your health, career, love, family, friendship and life. I call these my Big 6.

A few tips on Getting to your Big 6 Goals:

  1. What do I want (outcomes)? Be clear and write them down. I write down my goals in a word doc and pull it up at least once a week so I can keep them front of mind.
  2. Define how you will know when you get there and what progress will look like as you go. It isn’t enough to say I want to be healthy or I want to find a new job. You must be clear on what health means or what the new job will look like, feel like, provide for you, etc.
  3. Chunk it down. Start with what are the most important things you must do this month to start to move towards each goal. When you are working on a goal be careful not to overcomplicate or over commit. Nothing kills a goal like inaction and disappointment.  
  4. What do I have to do differently to get me to what I want to achieve? Is it more time towards this goal? Do you need to change your routine? Learn something new? Goals don’t get achieved passively and generally speaking goals require you to do things differently.
  5. How will you track your efforts daily, so you stay focused and accountable to yourself? It all comes down to focused execution. Imagine what life has in store. 

Live all in, Renie

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