head trash. the epidemic.

There is an epidemic that most of us don’t know about and there is no vaccine. We all get it and those who are most successful know how to prevent it.  It is what I call the epidemic of Human Head Trash.

What is head trash? As you know, we all have little people in our brain that talk to us (self-talk). Some of them are good little people who say things that make us feel strong and positive and help us feel safe. Some are the “not-so-nice” little people who make us question whether we are good enough, or make us defensive and stuck. These little people are our “human head trash”.

Today, leaders must have the skill set to help their people (and themselves!) stop listening to their head trash and push through the questioning voices.  Nothing positive comes from negativity and we all know that positive organizations are more innovative, productive and enjoyable so people are less likely to leave. There is nothing “fluffy” about a positive environment.  It’s just smart business.

The Lesson

Take a look at your direct reports. How much head trash are they carrying around and how can you help them feel stronger, seeing their own value to your team? How can you build on their strengths? Because when we are doing what we are meant to do, we are unstoppable.