Discover Your BIG LIE™

Through decades of hands-on practical work with clients along with research, observation, and endless modeling, I have explored how beliefs unleash or kill human potential. For over 20 years, RCI Institute and Aspire dug deeper and found that time and time again the same four challenges arose. Whether working with a CEO of a global company, a manager of a small team, or a hard working salesperson, the same roadblocks occurred. I came to call them The Four BIG LIEs™ (some of Aspire’s long-time customers might remember them as the Self-limiting Beliefs), and each time my team and I have busted one of these lies, the discovered results have been profound. This led me to develop a method to quickly identify which one of The Four BIG LIEs™ a person demonstrates and to help them understand what it means and how to get out from under its infl uence. Once this is established, what happens next is uncanny. The roadblocks diminish almost instantly, and the person is able to move forward with more clarity and personal strength. Human potential is the biggest resource we can tap, and it is self-generating; there is an inexhaustible supply that is simply waiting to be released.

There is an interesting phenomena about your emotional brain; HeadTrash and roadblocks can’t exist in the connected side. Roadblocks are those smaller lies (beliefs) we buy into like “I’m not smart enough,” “No one will like my idea, so I’d better not say anything,” or “Only supermodels can wear bikinis.” When you are in the connected side, these things may pop up but you understand that the roadblocks can be busted through like a pile of dirt on a narrow road. It is only in the disconnected side of the brain that your BIG LIE™ will survive and wreak havoc.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready to dive deep into the discon-nected side of the emotional brain because that is where your BIG LIE™ has taken up residence. Each one of us has a single BIG LIE™ (never more than that) and when we are thrown into the disconnected side of our emotional brain, that BIG LIE™ takes over and runs the show. It’s like inmates taking over the jail! Once you identify what your BIG LIE™ is, you can learn to recognize it when it pops up, minimize it, and shift back into the connected side of your brain. When you are functioning from the connected side of your brain, with the lights on, your BIG LIE™ no longer exists. Shazam!

Two Critical Truths:

As we approach The Four BIG LIEs™ and learn how to navigate our way around them, it is critical that we keep the following two unwavering truths front of mind:

1. There are four BIG LIEs™, but ONLY ONE LIE APPLIES TO YOU. Period. Everyone has only ONE lie driving them, and it is the only one they will ever have. You may think you identify with parts of each of The Four BIG LIEs™, but just like your blood type, you only have one BIG LIE™ that belongs to you.

2. Your lie applies only when you are operating from the disconnected side of your emotional brain. When the lights are on and you are functioning from the connected side of your emotional brain, you can easily see through the facade of your lie and it can’t influence or control you. It’s like glow-in-the-dark paint; you are able to see your BIG LIE™ when you are disconnected and the lights are off, it glows in the dark. When you turn the lights back on your BIG LIE™ is disarmed, invisible, and unable to get in your way.

Think of The Four BIG LIEs™ like the hateful little creatures in the movie Gremlins; they can’t stand the bright light of connection, it takes away their power. (If you’re not familiar with the movie, exposure to bright light will cause a Gremlin to burn, bubble, and boil-over into a gooey pile of slime.) The good news is you don’t need to fi- ght your nature, you simply have to know it, recognize it when it shows up, and use your tools to turn on the lights and chase your BIG LIE™ away.

Just like with many other things in life, it’s a lot easier to see the BIG LIE™ in other people than it is in ourselves. We enjoy a privileged position of objectivity with others that is not as accessible in ourselves. As I outline The Four BIG LIEs™, I encourage you to first try to identify the lies of other people you know. Play with recognizing their BIG LIE™ first. Keep this knowledge to yourself. There is nothing worse than having someone throw your BIG LIE™ in your face.

Remember, you will only see the BIG LIE™ show up in the disconnected side of the emotional brain so tread carefully! The Four BIG LIEs™ are:

Here is a link to a quick Discover Your BIG LIE™ Assessment so you can unmask your BIG LIE™.

Once you take your BIG LIE™ Assessment, learn more on how to manage your HeadTrash in HEADTRASH, the Leading Killer of Human Potential. Audiobook now available.