Dig in

Clarity isn’t actually as tricky as people make it out to be. It isn’t about what will be happening in a month as you can’t control that. You never could. Clarity is understanding what matters most today to impact my goals, dreams and commitments. Especially during times like these, it is all the more important to set a daily intention and determine your focus.

  • What you can control is today?
  • What will you do to move your work forward?
  • How can you make yourself productive each day?
  • What habits do you need to create so you find a daily rhythm?
Productivity provides us with energy and that energy keeps us moving forward.

When you are productive you feel good at the end of the day. You have contributed. Laying around makes us tired. Motion always creates emotion and emotion is your life’s fuel.

So stop waiting for things to change. Stop hoping that tomorrow will be like yesterday. Now is the time to get productive and take action. Everyone is watching and you are the show.

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Live all in, Renie

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