Decreasing Stress

Stress does not come without your invitation. It is self-induced by our perspectives of what is occurring in our lives. We all have stress, and the less of it, the more happiness you experience. Life is about living day to day.

Here are a few ways to help you find the peace you are longing for while still being the powerhouse you were born to be.

1. Establish your mindset daily. Ask yourself, “What is my intention for today?” How can you create a feeling of self-satisfaction in everything you need to accomplish today ahead? How can you make the mundane more inspiring? You decide on how you look at each day. What you project reflects on you.
2. Be self-aware. We all need agility to embrace each day’s new realities, many of which we cannot control. When those reactive feelings of being overwhelmed step in, take a moment to stop, breathe in, check-in, and then re-engage.
3. Break things down into doable pieces. Everything is big if you don’t break it into bite sizes. You don’t eat a meal in one bite. So, you can’t do your work, clear out your closet, build a garden, or execute a project in one bite, either.
4. What comes up first doesn’t mean it is your first priority. In life, we have to reprioritize and stay present in what matters most now.
5. Do things that help you create calmness each day. Take a walk, stop watching the news, manage your social media intake and output, meditate, journal, read a book, or listen to an uplifting playlist. What you focus on impacts your stress.

How you spend your day determines how you will feel about it, and yourself. It’s just that simple.

Stay present and live all in,

P.S. Send me your favorite uplifting song and listen for it on Aspire’s #StayPositive Playlist!

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