Beware of the Energy Suckers…

Beware of the Energy Suckers…The Pukers

I recently was reminded of the impact of the energy suckers in my life. I couldn’t find what was draining my energy. What was limiting my creativity which has always been like a faucet for me, I turn it on and it flows. Who had my controls?

I looked up and there it was…the Puker was smiling at me but quietly putting their negativity all around me and those I care about. I felt myself withdraw and walking on eggshells around them, I felt the energy in my world slow down and shift.

Accepting that others impact our world so directly is hard, especially when we care. Sometimes we don’t realize this quiet drain. Of course, intellectually it is easy to understand that if people can impact our world positively they can also drain our lives with negativity. We cannot control the road they are on, we can only choose our own path and mind set. The choice requires action.

Having the courage to walk away, let go, and accept this reality allowed me to regain my spirit and my energy…

We are always choosing our life’s course, directly or indirectly. Check in with your world…are you surrounded by people who feed your soul or deplete it? Is it time to make a few changes?

You are the captain of your ship and the navigator of your life.

All in,

#shineyourlight  #stopnegativitynow  #positivityfuelsprogress

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