Are you relevant?

Every brand, regardless of whether it represents hundreds of business units or just one, needs to ensure its market relevance to survive. So often, business leaders think that their brand is defined by its creative look, physical plant/product, or market message. While these are certainly key elements to your brand’s success, it is the way your customers experience your product that determines how they will talk about it. And in today’s consumer-driven market, what the customer thinks determines the truth about your brand.

Smart marketers shape this conversation. This is called creating strategic relevance. How? Leverage consumer reviews and content to ensure that what you want your customers writing about is at the heart of what they experience. What you focus on comes true. For example, if you want customers to feel the WOW of your hospitality, be sure your service team is asking, “Did we WOW you” at check-out, and if not, “How could we have?” An even better strategy would be to copy the team at Palazzo Montemartini, who asked how they could improve my experience while I was staying with them in Rome recently. Asking customers what they want is as smart as asking your partner how to make them happy! That would WOW any wife, husband or partner, I assure you… A personal tip! 

The Lesson

If you want to know what makes customers (and the people in your life) happy, just ask. Then, it’s time to start listening. You may not like what you hear, and yet it may be just what you need to make your more brand more relevant in the future.

Warmly, Renie

P.S. Zappos understands the value of the customer experience…and their success stems directly from providing a great one! Read the next installment of Aspire’s study on retail call centers and learn how Zappos makes more money while having more fun!