10 Ways to Find More Joy in 2021

For many of us, 2020 was a year of survival. We had to get by, and it wasn’t always easy. Now is the time to focus on where we are heading next. Keeping it simple might just help us find our way…

  1. Kindness, laughter, and gratitude feed your soul.
  2. Be deliberate every day in creating a positive mindset. Be intentional in dumping your HeadTrash, the nasty negative voices that undermine your potential.
  3. Find ways to collaborate and align in all aspects of life.
  4. Ensure clarity of direction daily. It leads to productive action, and that feels good.
  5. Stay agile.
  6. Get a vaccine shot. Wear a mask and respect physical distancing to support our healthcare workers’ safety, our essential workers, our economy, and our community.
  7. Never forget that health & wellness are active choices. Health always matters first and most.
  8. Listen more. Empathize more. Don’t allow hate to lead the way.
  9. Embrace diversity. Demand equality. Neither are opinions. They are the rights of every human.
  10. Keep love alive.

Please share what’s your most important MUST for more joy and happiness in 2021. Share this on LinkedIn and tag @poweredbyaspire for a chance to be featured in our next “Top 10 Things.”

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